In 1988 TL Goodwin started playing around with making music combining cheap keyboards with home stereo equipment. He named himself "Blind Congress". "Congress" is not only a group of people. The word also means "Intercourse".

Blind Congress: Dream of This

Blind Congress is currently getting ready to submit works for copyright.

The Production is completed. If you would like to help out, please go to our Patreon Page and Buy a Digital Copy (MP3 or FLAC) of The Works from 1988-1994. You will recieve your copy as soon as the copyright is completed. You will get the added benefit of knowing you helped some hidden music come to light.


For an Alternate form of support you can visit Goodwin and Maxwell’s Etsy page (The Pacifik Image) and buy some of their handcrafted jewelry.

TL Goodwin is half of Goodwin and Maxwell.




Blind Congress is TL Goodwin of a lapidary, metalsmith, and all-around artist.