Currently Blind Congress has over ninety pieces of material from 1988-1994 that must be copywrited before distributing. On top of that, there are hundreds more to be copywrited that have been made since 1998. We are asking for your help in this matter. Please head on over to Patreon and lend your support. You will be rewarded with both the knowledge that you have helped bring this material out of the darkness and you will receive digital copies of the material being submitted for copyright after completion of the copyright process.

New works are being created all the time at an average of about 2 per week. The artist is also continually working on web development, artwork, video production, jewelry and lapidary work, blogging and has begun development of a short weekly podcast about the pitfalls and benefits of not focusing on a single artistic avenue or mode of expression.

Art is very important to a society-slash-civilization. Currently it is focused almost exclusively on the phantom digital realm which may or may not survive for very long. The importance of hand crafters seems denigrated after first having had their statures reduced by mass manufacturing. The result is that tangible artwork is disappearing at an alarming rate as there is little support for it. And at the same time the economic struggle continues to compel others into the art production market as a last ditch effort to survive.